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allora handmade blog: November 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


gratuitous picture of my freaking adorable offspring.

ok party people!
this is it!!
tomorrow is your LAST CHANCE to order that necklace/headband/bracelet/fill-in-the-blank-rosette-something-rather you've had your eye on!
tomorrow is your last chance to convince your husband/boyfriend/sister/mother/dog's best friend to make all your rosy christmas wishes come true!
after tomorrow, i will clear the shop of made-to-order items and all that will be left is ready-to-ship (which are still on sale, btw). SO, this is it!
oh! and don't forget about your cousin's wife's sister-in-law. i bet she would love some rosette earrings. don't you think?
you're welcome.

and just for good measure:
the view from the camera on my phone. seriously, does it get any better than cheeser grins in front of a christmas tree?

do you love that henry is physically incapable of keeping his eyes open with a flash? laughed for about half hour over all the squinty eye shots i have of him... oh, boys...

Monday, November 29, 2010

gift wrapping ideas & a giveaway from Scotch (R)

Thanks to Scotch(R) Double Sided Tape for sponsoring my writing about crafts. Add your comment below to be entered for a chance to win free sample rolls to help with your upcoming holiday needs.

One of my favorite parts of giving gifts is the wrapping. I tend to be drawn to a more homemade version of wrapping paper, and this year is no different. And it doesn't get much simpler than this!
To make your packages stand out in a crowd, here are the supplies you will need:

newspaper (or brown craft paper works well too)
Scotch (R) Tape or Scotch (R) Double Sided Tape
Baker's Twine (mine is from the Twinery)
holiday tags (mine are from Joyful Joyful)

1. wrap your gift with newspaper
2. seal it up with Scotch(R) Tape or Scotch (R) Double-Sided Tape
3. flip it over
4. measure out your baker's twine to wrap around your box
5. cut three lengths of baker's twine
6.wrap all 3 pieces of twine around together as you would a ribbon
7. tie a bow
8. pick out a gift tag
9. attach the tag to the twine

voila! cute and crafty gift wrapping for the holidays!
you can also use these pretties as decoration! we have a pile of presents sitting on a table in our entry way along with a mini christmas tree and some other holiday decor.

Want a sample of Scotch (R) Double Sided Tape for your holiday wrapping? Comment below and be entered to be one of 10 winners to receive a roll compliments of 3M. Winners will be chosen Friday, December 3rd.

Please learn more about Scotch(R) Double Sided Tape and other Scotch(R) Products, and join the conversation on the Scotch(R) Brand Facebook Page and via Twitter . I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective , which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


without warning, i have decided to have a little black friday sale on READY TO SHIP items.
me too!
since boutique season is over for me, i have quite a stash to put on sale!
in select colors:

earrings, just $9! (normally $11.50)

three musketeers headbands, only $12! (normally $15)
and of course, my best seller...

i have very limited # and colors of the modern pearl statement necklaces available for just $32! (normally $37)

get 'em while they last!
happy shopping, y'all!

and remember, just 5 more shopping days before i close my christmas queue!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

wish list wednesdays: introducing Mandie from Mandie's Mumblings

Hi there lovelies! My name is Mandie, I blog at Mandie's Mumblings, & have recently opened up my own etsy shop, MoxieMandie. I love to sew, take photos, & hang out with my husband, Gabe. I'm pretty stoked to get to share my personal wishlist here on Jessica's blog!

Library - 1042

This shower curtain is so sweet! I love the ruffles!!

This rooster is awesome! I've got a major crush on roosters!

I just LOVE this handmade advent calendar! It's so pretty & soothing.

I have been in L O V E with Meg's cute ruffle necklace since I first laid eyes on it months ago. In muistard, of course(my FAVORITE!)

I think that these shoes, however illogical they may be, make up completely in beauty for what they lack in common sense.

This clutch is SO sweet! I just love the combination of the fabrics together!!

And I'm unsure what it is, but there is just something so fun about this Sweet Bee necklace that I can't get enough of!!

This canvas is extra special, because it was created & is being sold to help fund a maternity home in Kenya, & I just think that's rad!
Well, I am so glad that I got to come over & share what's on my wish list this year! I hope that you & yours have a wonderful holiday!

wish list wednesdays: introducing Kim from Oh Sweet Joy!

Well, hello there! I'm Kim, the girl behind the blog, Yellow Songbird, and the shop, Oh, Sweet Joy! 

This is such a fun feature that Jessica is doing & I'm thrilled to be a part of her Wish List Wednesdays!

Creating a wish list was a piece of cake for me ((thanks to my endless favorites list on Etsy)), but narrowing it down to a "bloggable" number of items was pretty tricky. Here are my top nine 10! 
((as i was making this, Shey*B presented a pretty irresistible item for me))

All handmade. All fabulous. Let's do this. 

((going right to left, starting at the top!))

1. L'Amour Dress from Amanda Archer 
2. Grey Upcycled Wool Flowerette Pin from A Little Thistle.
3. Gingiber's Illustrated Owl Calendar 
4. I'm Sew Very Happy Print from LoveSugar
5.  Lisa Leonard's Petite Family Crest Necklace
6. Grasses Scarf from New Duds
7.  Owl Clock by Playing Grown Up
8. Cowl from Yes Jess. 
9. Pastels Bracelet from Spin Thread

...And number 10? Shey*B's new wrist strap for point & shoot cameras. I've been waiting for this for a long time. I'm not a pink girl, so this isn't the exact one I would get, but there are plenty of other beautiful fabrics she uses in her shop for me to choose from. 

Well there ya go, more items for you to drool over. :) Thanks, Jessica for letting me participate in this fun feature. Can't wait to see what all the other gals are picking!

Monday, November 22, 2010

monday, monday

hi friends,
it's me, your long lost alloralicious pal.
man, what a week!
i spent most of last week recovering from the exhaustion of QBM only to get a nasty bout of food poisoning or something yesterday.
no fun-no.
but, enough about that.
it's Thanksgiving week!! can you believe it?
where did 2010 go? sheesh. flew right by.
we will be heading to grand ol' wyoming to eat massive amounts of turkey and mashed potatoes (which would normally excite me to the point of tears, but with a yucky tummy, not so much right now) and spend time with the inlaws.
and since i'm already taking christmas orders and planning a christmas party for the women at my church, i almost forgot about thanksgiving! shame, shame.
here are a few of my favorite etsy thanksgiving finds:

1. don't you think my boys need this gobble shirt?
2. perfect utensil for serving up some warm turkey
3. lovely banner to remind us we are blessed
4. hilarious cufflinks that still have me giggling
5. beautiful raw print "thanks is for giving" (yes, it is!)
6. lucky little wishbone necklace
7. pretty glittery "give thanks" gift tags
8. yummy felted acorns
9. may as well hang the pie around your neck!


what are your plans for the big day? eat yourselves silly? watch ridiculous amounts of football? order pizza?

p.s. allora handmade christmas shopping deadline is 9 days away! did you get yours yet?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

wish list wednesdays: introducing Mandy from mandypidy!

Well hello! I'm Mandy from Mandipidy,
and I'm so excited to get to share my wishlist with you today!

My wishlist could seriously go on forever...
[It's not that I'm greedy.
I just admire so many lovely things.]

So I've narrowed it down to my top ten for you!

I'm starting off with an absolute favorite of mine...
Lisa Leonard.
Specifically, this Sweetheart Tree Necklace.
With a d+m stamped in the heart... perfection.

I'm a sucker for fabulous prints,
so you'll see that several have snuck into my wishlist...
like this one from Volume Twenty Five.
Yellow + Typwriter = [LOVE].

You've heard of TOMS, right?
Of course you have.
Seriously amazing shoes.
And when you buy a pair, TOMS gives a pair to someone in need...
How's that for justifying some shopping?

Sleepy King is one of the first etsy shops I stumbled across, and is still a favorite.
Cutest plushies ever,
And I'm infatuated with this owl wing headband...
The color combination is dreamy:

And now for another happy find in the print department:
My Soul Shines
These prints are awesome...
I love every single one!

Dainty, frilly, feminine...
Garlands of Grace.
I love this shop and the sweet testimony of the sisters who create these headpieces.

Have you heard of Good Gravy?
Absolutely gorgeous paper products.
Like this bunting stationary:

Another fun indie print shop?
Why certainly!
Rosie Music is Uh-dorable.
Replace the piano with a math book, and this print is practically me and the hubby!

I'm so sure you've heard of Gussy.
She's the queen of the ruffled pouch.
But have you seen the beautiful Christmas stockings that she's selling now?

And I know that if you're here, you are already familiar with Allora Handmade.
But yes, it's on my wishlist.
I'll take one in every color, please and thank you.

Thanks so much for letting me share my wishlist on your lovely blog, Jess!


wish list wednesdays: introducing Heather from Angel Face Designs

Hey!  I'm Heather from Angel Face Designs and I'm so excited that Jessica is letting me use her awesome blog for my wish list.  I have two little girls, Leila and Gianna and like to make jewelry in my (tiny bit) of spare time.  I'll be forwarding it to my husband, who will hopefully get the hint.
Without further adieu....
1.  Anna Maria Horner Blue Dessert and Coffee Apron.  This would definitely inspire me to bake more.  I think I need some towels to go with it too. So cute, I kind of can't stand it.
2.  Allora Handmade modern pearl rosette statement necklace in turquoise.  And fuchsia.  And off-white.  I have the "Partly Sunny" necklace, which I wear all the time, but definitely need to add some more alloraliciousness in my life.
3.  Laser Cut Silhouette Pendant from Le Papier Studio.  So classic and so timeless. So in love.  I am dreaming of this with my girl's silhouettes.  How cute would this be with every single outfit you own?  Seriouisly.  I really hope my husband is paying attention on this one.
4.  Tiny cake stand by Vessels and Wares on Etsy.  Preferably in yellow or turquoise.  I have imagined having this tiny cake stand, and having my girls excited to use it on their birthdays, or when have a special day at school, or maybe even a bad day.  I feel like this tiny, little cupcake stand holds lots of memories waiting to happen.
5.  Handmade California Key Hook.  I have been in love with this bad boy for such a long time.  It's California (my state!), it's turquoise (perfection!) and it's gorgeous!  I know exactly where I'd hang it.  The top hook would be for the girls to hang their aprons,and the bottom hook would be to hang my aprons.
6.  A small Much Ado About You calendar in the Peyton style.  I looooove MAAY!  My awesome cousin got me the "Mia" last Christmas, which I use several times a day and show off whenever possible.  I already have a large Savannah calendar, that will be the "family" calendar for 2011, and I definitely need the little Peyton for my purse.  (Psst - I'm a calendar ambassador, so use the code "HG10" at checkout and you'll get 10% off!)
7.  Gussy Blue Bell makeup bag.  How cute are Gussy's ruffles?!  LOVE!  This would be perfect for the 500 chapsticks and lip glosses rolling around in my purse.  I am also really (really) in love with this!
8.  Speaking of purses, the Jo Totes "Rose" bag in teal is way high up on my list!  I entered to win one of these on a blog a while back, and was way too upset when I didn't win.  This would become my new everyday bag.  So pretty and so functional!
9. Personalized Family Tree wall hanging by Elm Studios on Etsy.  I think this is just the sweetest thing, and it would be cherished for years to come.
Thanks again to Jess for including me on Wishlist Wednesday!!  Happy holidays, and happy wishing friends!

Monday, November 15, 2010

where do i begin?

thanks jeannett for getting a good pic of our sign

i am still so overwhelmed from such an amazing weekend that i seriously don't know where to begin.
you guys, the queen bee market rocked.
like, ROCKED.
(proud mama moment.)
i wish you all could have been there.
it was so inspiring.
to see all of these artists and creatives come together in one space with their heart and soul poured out in booth form. it was incredible.
my favorite part about the Market is the vendors. hands down, getting to interact with such fabulously talented people is so rewarding.
the weekend was such a high, and now i'm ready to crash.
tying up loose ends with the market and a church activity tomorrow. staring down my list of orders, needy children and pile of laundry. wondering how i'm going to pull off selling at another boutique this weekend.
i'd rather lay in bed all day.
and i just might.
(you know i won't.)
(a girl can dream.)
i hope to post more in detail in the next few days with a little more clarity and more pictures gathered from here and there.
in the meantime, you can read what some of our vendors and customers had to say about it:
the pleated poppy
creme de la gems
flawed perfection
olive blue
life rearranged
crystal b.
funky vintage kitchen
swanky paper
30 days
are you coming in 2011? you should. serious.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wish list wednesdays: introducing Holly from Mommy Holly

I am so excited to share my {current!} wish list here on Allora Handmade! :) I usually have an ever-changing list in my head of things I am wishing for, and here are my faves at the moment:
Picnik collage

1. Vintage Butter and Gold Flower Earrings from EricaLeilaniDesigns!
So, so, so pretty. The perfect addition to any outfit. I have a pair of these earrings from the last Queen Bee Market, and oh.em.gee. I love them! :)

2. A Modern Pearl Rosette Necklace from {who else?!} Allora Handmade!
Seriously, so darn cute. Who won't put this on their holiday wish list this year? :)

3. Houses all in a Row Print from claudiagpearson!
I adore art prints and Etsy is full of amazing ones. This one tops my list at the current moment- I love brownstones, but does it get much better in pink? :)

4. Cream Colored Beach Cruiser
The most delicious piece of sporting equipment I've ever seen. I am no athlete, but I would love a fun bike to ride around the local lake with my six-year old! :)

5. Courtier Skirt from Anthropologie
Must I stress my love for this store??? I know this skirt is expensive, but it sure would look cute with my slouchy brown knee boots. Swoon!

6. Blooming Slouchy Beret from EmilymaySparks!
A fellow Queen Bee and an amazing accessory artist, for sure! I already have a few things from her and love, love, love each one. :)

7. Mr. Darcy Proposal Mug from Brookish
I would be happy each and every day to sip my coffee from this darling mug. And I mean, does it get any sexier than the words of Mr. Darcy?! I think not. :)

8. Grey and Silver Leaf Necklace from PrintParty
I wear a lot of neutrals, and this would jazz up any plain white tee, don't you think? :)

Happy holiday season to all of you,
happy wish-listing,
and I hope to see lots of you at the Queen Bee Market this weekend!!
xo! -Holly :)
mommy holly

wish list wednesdays: introducing Megan Reynolds of Flawed Perfection Jewelry

Hi everyone, I'm Megan of Flawed Perfection Jewelry! I'm was so honored that Jessica said I could share some of my wish list items with all her wonderful readers :)

I must admit, I have a *bit* of a shopping habit! If it's handmade, I'm even more excited! (Hence, I might be doing some serious shopping at the Queen Bee Market this Friday and Saturday.) When it comes to holiday shopping, I love to find unique and clever gifts for my family and friends. Since I make jewelry for everyone for their birthdays, they know that they are going to get something other than jewelry on Christmas ;) Narrowing my list was difficult, but here are a few of my wants!

1. Table Topics: I discovered Table Topics a few months ago & fell in love! They have dozens of different sets for different people and occasions! Each set includes over 100 questions that are meant to be conversation starters. Some examples of sets are "What Would You Do?," Girls Night Out, Family, College, Slumber Party, and Couples. They *seriously* have a set for everyone! I think these would make perfect gifts for Christmas, for a housewarming party, or for a thank you gift!

2. Stitched Boutique's Ruffle Scarf: I love this scarf for a few reasons: 1-LOVE the ruffles, 2-it comes is a dozen colors, 3-it's super affordable! This scarf is so stylish and adorable, yet light enough that I could actually wear it here in San Diego! It is a modern take on the classic winter accessory! (I would also check out everything else that is the shop, it's all pretty cute ;)

3. *Shey* [B]'s Wrist Strap: If you don't know Shey, where have you been hiding? She's well known for her camera strap covers, but she *just* introduced this brand new product for all cameras! Her new wrist strap can be done in almost any of her fabrics & is perfect for those of us who don't have SRL cameras! I don't really know many people who have SRL's, so this is such a cute and useful gift for the people with Point & Shoots in my life! Now we all can have some *Shey* [B] in our lives, no matter what camera we have!

4. Fern Tree Studio's Pride & Prejudice Print: In case you didn't know (why would you know? ;), I am a HUGE Pride & Prejudice fan! Like, HUGE! A while ago, I was browsing P & P items on Etsy & came across this gorgeous print! This shop is full of beautiful prints, but this one caught my eye (the color is customizable as well). When I get this *wink wink*, I am putting it up with my black & white wall of photography. It's so modern and classy, yet whimsical.

5. Peggy Ann Design's Pom-Pom Pin: Hannah of Peggy Ann Design is such a hoot & keeps me laughing over on twitter! But, she also makes adorable items in her shop! Her popular Pom-Pom Pins are all the rage. While they were designed for your favorite sport teams, you can get them in ANY color combo, meaning that you can just put your favorite colors together for a customized & fashionable look! Right now, I'm really wanting one in purple & gray. She's even got a new baby version coming soon :) I can't wait to buy from her (& hopefully meet her once she moves to San Diego next year ;)

6. Red Ink Designs' Brainstorm Notebook: I'm a huge note-taker and list-maker, so this is the perfect notebook for me! It's great for sketching or jotting down ideas. How perfect would this be as your idea book for product or business ideas? Pretty perfect. It's such a clever design & would make a wonderful gift for any artist, business owner, or creative type on your shopping list! I'm excited to see Marcie again at Queen Bee this Friday & Saturday! Maybe I'll snag a few of these up then for some of the people on my list ;)

7. ALL Gussy's New Products: Along with probably every one of you out there, I'm a GIANT Gussy fan! Maggie is so talented and sweet; how could you not fall in love with her ruffles?! She recently added TONS of new designs, and, boy, are they pretty! I've added a small pouch, a medium pouch, as well as another clutch and make up bag to my Christmas list! (Wait, I guess I'll just take one of everything!) Her new prints are so gorgeous--there is definitely a design/print for every lady on your list!
Thanks Jessica for letting me post and share my wish list! See you in TWO DAYS!!! (I know, you'll are jealous, right? ;)