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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wish list wednesdays: introducing Megan Reynolds of Flawed Perfection Jewelry

Hi everyone, I'm Megan of Flawed Perfection Jewelry! I'm was so honored that Jessica said I could share some of my wish list items with all her wonderful readers :)

I must admit, I have a *bit* of a shopping habit! If it's handmade, I'm even more excited! (Hence, I might be doing some serious shopping at the Queen Bee Market this Friday and Saturday.) When it comes to holiday shopping, I love to find unique and clever gifts for my family and friends. Since I make jewelry for everyone for their birthdays, they know that they are going to get something other than jewelry on Christmas ;) Narrowing my list was difficult, but here are a few of my wants!

1. Table Topics: I discovered Table Topics a few months ago & fell in love! They have dozens of different sets for different people and occasions! Each set includes over 100 questions that are meant to be conversation starters. Some examples of sets are "What Would You Do?," Girls Night Out, Family, College, Slumber Party, and Couples. They *seriously* have a set for everyone! I think these would make perfect gifts for Christmas, for a housewarming party, or for a thank you gift!

2. Stitched Boutique's Ruffle Scarf: I love this scarf for a few reasons: 1-LOVE the ruffles, 2-it comes is a dozen colors, 3-it's super affordable! This scarf is so stylish and adorable, yet light enough that I could actually wear it here in San Diego! It is a modern take on the classic winter accessory! (I would also check out everything else that is the shop, it's all pretty cute ;)

3. *Shey* [B]'s Wrist Strap: If you don't know Shey, where have you been hiding? She's well known for her camera strap covers, but she *just* introduced this brand new product for all cameras! Her new wrist strap can be done in almost any of her fabrics & is perfect for those of us who don't have SRL cameras! I don't really know many people who have SRL's, so this is such a cute and useful gift for the people with Point & Shoots in my life! Now we all can have some *Shey* [B] in our lives, no matter what camera we have!

4. Fern Tree Studio's Pride & Prejudice Print: In case you didn't know (why would you know? ;), I am a HUGE Pride & Prejudice fan! Like, HUGE! A while ago, I was browsing P & P items on Etsy & came across this gorgeous print! This shop is full of beautiful prints, but this one caught my eye (the color is customizable as well). When I get this *wink wink*, I am putting it up with my black & white wall of photography. It's so modern and classy, yet whimsical.

5. Peggy Ann Design's Pom-Pom Pin: Hannah of Peggy Ann Design is such a hoot & keeps me laughing over on twitter! But, she also makes adorable items in her shop! Her popular Pom-Pom Pins are all the rage. While they were designed for your favorite sport teams, you can get them in ANY color combo, meaning that you can just put your favorite colors together for a customized & fashionable look! Right now, I'm really wanting one in purple & gray. She's even got a new baby version coming soon :) I can't wait to buy from her (& hopefully meet her once she moves to San Diego next year ;)

6. Red Ink Designs' Brainstorm Notebook: I'm a huge note-taker and list-maker, so this is the perfect notebook for me! It's great for sketching or jotting down ideas. How perfect would this be as your idea book for product or business ideas? Pretty perfect. It's such a clever design & would make a wonderful gift for any artist, business owner, or creative type on your shopping list! I'm excited to see Marcie again at Queen Bee this Friday & Saturday! Maybe I'll snag a few of these up then for some of the people on my list ;)

7. ALL Gussy's New Products: Along with probably every one of you out there, I'm a GIANT Gussy fan! Maggie is so talented and sweet; how could you not fall in love with her ruffles?! She recently added TONS of new designs, and, boy, are they pretty! I've added a small pouch, a medium pouch, as well as another clutch and make up bag to my Christmas list! (Wait, I guess I'll just take one of everything!) Her new prints are so gorgeous--there is definitely a design/print for every lady on your list!
Thanks Jessica for letting me post and share my wish list! See you in TWO DAYS!!! (I know, you'll are jealous, right? ;)


At November 10, 2010 at 8:05 AM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

That P&P print? I DIE. DEAD. Maybe the best thing I've ever seen.

At November 10, 2010 at 8:15 AM , Anonymous ilene @ muchloveilly said...

sweet list, megan!! sheyb's straps are da bomb - its on my wish list. and i love hannah of peggy-ann...her pom-poms are too cute! i think i'll have to add the brainstorm notebook and that ruffle scarf to my wish list too!!

you two ladies, have fun at the market!

At November 10, 2010 at 8:30 AM , Anonymous Hannah said...

ahhh!! thanks megan!! love your list!


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