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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


i must say, last week was a little rough for me.
i mean, don't get me wrong: it was super exciting to see the effects blissdom had on my shop immediately and to see all the hard work pay off. (did i mention i handed out 100 pairs of earrings?)

but there is always the post-conference funk.

you see, i have "internet friends." 
except they are not just interenet friends. and most of the world doesn't really get that.
people outside of blogging don't understand how you could possibly become so close with people you've never met or see once a year if you're lucky.
i just don't know how to explain it.

how do you explain it?

i've tried, i just can't! and i've tried to understand how we feel so connected.
maybe it's because we get to choose who we want to get to know far before we ever meet in real life. maybe it's because there is little pretense. or because we are far more honest with our blog friends than we are with friends in real life.
i don't know what it is, but all i know is i now feel like some of my closest girlfriends are all over the country.
and that stinks.
and you know what else stinks? not knowing when you will get to be in the same room together to laugh so hard you *almost* pee your pants.

i sure am grateful to have made such wonderful connections.
what a blessing.

you may have already seen this little video that miss lisa made of blissdom.
it makes me teary.

man, i miss my girls!
struggling to find the bliss within when my support group is spread all over the place. i guess it's time to put on my big girl pants...

what do you think? why is it that we feel so connected even though we've never met?

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At February 9, 2011 at 8:03 AM , Blogger kami @ said...

It was sooo fun! I loved that first night with you all. What a fun group.

At February 9, 2011 at 11:11 PM , Blogger Lori Danelle said...

Aww! I hate that you were feeling icky! I had a pretty not-great-week myself. So much to process, feeling pretty alone, not sure what to do next/first. I think I'm coming out of it & I hope this post is an indicator that you are too!

Just keep in mind that a spread out support group is better than no support group at all! I'm far away as well, but if you ever need anything. . . :)

At February 10, 2011 at 1:30 AM , Blogger Nicole said...

You know what is even weirder is reading your blog feeling like I know you but knowing you don't know me, doesn't get much stranger. I think as bloggers we all get it, we become attatched to people and care about them even when they don't know about us! It looks like you guys had fun, I hope to see you there someday!


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