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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wish list wednesdays: introducing Kyla from Funky Polka Dot Giraffe

I'm Kyla (aka mormishmom) from Funky PolkaDot Giraffe
and I so freakin' excited to be here today.

Jess said that we should dust off our glamour shot
and include it with our post.
So here I am :)My husband said to me the other day - You really have a LONG wish list.
I was slightly offended.
No, I don't - I retorted.
And then I sat down to figure out what I wanted to share with you
and I realized he's right.
(Shhhh . . . . don't tell him.)
But I'm sharing them all with you anyway,
because they are just that AWESOME!

So, let's get this PAR-TAY started!
1. Perfectly Golden Heirloom Necklace by Amy Cornwell
Love anything by Amy, but this necklace is so unique.
I can put my anniversary and kids' birthdates and it would be RAD.
2. Whimsical Primitive Glittery Christmas Village by Craft Junkie 28
Have you seen her shop? DARLING! This Christmas village
is just too precious.
3. Personalized Silver Stacking Rings by Cinnamon*Sticks
Love me silver jewelry - and these rings are fabulous.
4. Lily Apron Top by Sew Cute Shop
I love that it's an apron and a top!
5. The UNmanual by Mom*tog
I read her blog religiously and she has mad skills,
maybe it would rub off on me?
6. Kelsey. Simple leaf dangles. by Lemon Kissed
I am obsessed with Shauna and all her dangly earrings!
7. ATAT Walker Family Car Vinyl Decals by Short Sleeve Alliance
I had a cute little family on the back of my Neon, but we upgraded
to a Caravan this summer and I think these would be so much cooler.
8. Rose in Teal by Jo Totes
It's just delicious. That is all.
9. The Silhouette Machine
Who doesn't have this on their wish list? ::sigh::
10. The Necklace by Julie of Joy's Hope
These are like unicorns - rare, elusive and beautiful. Maybe one will pop
up in her shop one day.
11. Petal Pusher by The Pleated Poppy
I take one in any color . . . in fact I'll take one in each color!
12. Drama Queen Ribbon Bracelet Trio by Twillypop

13. Modern Pearl Rosette Statement Necklace by Allora Handmade
Again, I'll take one in every color :)
14. Kate Pleated Shoulder Bag by RKEMdesigns
I have a sick bag obsession . . . and this one would fit
right in with my collection.
15. Lavender Daydreams Ruffled dSLR Camera Strap Cover by Eclectic Whatnot
Talk about obsession . . . sorry Ruthanne . . . it's true . . . I'll try
to stop stalking you . . . but only kinda :)


At December 15, 2010 at 10:05 AM , Anonymous Ruthanne said...

Oh. M. Geee. My boys would flip out if I bought those ATAT decals. They are *obsessed* with Star Wars.

At December 15, 2010 at 5:41 PM , Anonymous Tasha said...

Love it. Love them all. Love you Kyla. Fabulous list....better to have a long list. More for people to choose from right? :) Happiness to all of these!

At December 15, 2010 at 10:37 PM , Anonymous Kelley said...

such an adorable list--thank you for sharing these fabulous items with us.

At December 16, 2010 at 10:23 AM , Anonymous Sara said...

What FAB choices!!! I think I found some things to add to my own wish list! I'm tickled pink to be on your list w/so many awesome items. Thanks so much!! :)


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